Designing the Access database alone is not enough to provide the pocessing and functionality you need. We use Miscrosoft Visual Basic for Applications to manipulate the data you require in order to provide you with what you need on screen and in reports.

User-friendly Design

Our work isn't finished when we have a database and have imported all your data, and designed the functionality you need. Just as important is the look, feel and intuitiveness of the design on screen. Our experience over many years has refined our ability to select fonts and colours which are easy on the eye. We also look carefully at how navigation works, moving from one screen to another, using buttons, filtering reports.


Your data needs to be secure within your office, and beyond if your application is used on the web. We can provide secure hosting for your data. And where there are two or more users, we can design indvidual and group login routines to allow users to access or edit your data within the application, depending on the permissions they have.

Database Design

We have over 25 years experience designing databases: a lot of our work uses Microsoft Access tables, forms and reports for office and web, but we often develop in SQL Server and MySQL databases.


We use Miscrosoft VBA behind our designs. For other developers, the code is well arranged with helpful comments. We also use ASP to integrate databases with web sites.

Web Design Technologies

We are experts in ASP which allows databases to be used behind web sites, and have designed for the web for over 20 years using HTML, CSS, VB, pHp, JQuery and Javascript.